Services & Rates*

Custom Table Massage

Before every session, Martha will determine the best technique (or combination of techniques) to fit your particular health needs and comfort level. Some of the techniques which she may incorporate into your session are:  Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Myofascial Release Technique.**

30-Minutes = $45.00
45-Minutes = $60.00
60-Minutes = $75.00
75-Minutes = $90.00
90-Minutes = $105.00

Pregnancy Massage

A therapeutic massage session with the needs of the expectant mom in mind. As with all of Martha’s massages, your session will be crafted around any issues or discomfort you may be experiencing.  The Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques you know and love are still included but are modified slightly to allow for mom’s safety and comfort.  For example, lots of pillows are provided to allow Mom to lie comfortably on her side instead of her stomach, table-warmers are turned off, and exclusively organic, unscented oils/lotions are used.  Several key acupressure points are also avoided during pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage is generally recommended for the second and third trimesters only.  However, it is safe to have massage right up to (and sometimes even during!) your labor.

Prices for Pregnancy Massage are the same as for custom therapeutic massage, above.  However, please remember to mention your pregnancy when booking so that we can make necessary accommodations before your arrival.  

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth basalt stones are heated to a comfortable temperature and placed on strategic areas of the body to soothe and relax. A full body massage is then performed using hands as well as warm stones, to soothe away muscle tension and stress.

Because the hot stone massage is usually thought of as a very gentle and relaxing technique, many are surprised to learn that it can also be incorporated into deeper therapeutic work, using heat to sink into seemingly impenetrable muscles. As with all of Martha’s massages, she will talk with you beforehand to find the level of pressure that works best for you.

75-Minutes = $110.00
90-Minutes = $125.00

  • Martha does not perform hot stone massage for less than 75-Minutes.
  • Hot stone massage is not for those with high blood pressure, cardio-vascular issues, or who may be pregnant.

Couple’s Massages

Although Martha is a sole-practitioner, she is happy to enlist the help of another licensed therapist to accommodate those who are interested in receiving two massages at the same time.   The cost is the same as shown above, just times two.   To request a couple’s massage (or just more information), please email

Seated Chair Massage

On-site chair massage is available for companies offering wellness benefits, health fairs, festivals, and various parties and events. Flexible employer/employee payment options are available. Please email chairmassage@martymassage for rates and more information.


*Note:  Residents of Silo Point should  add an additional $15 travel charge to all  rates above.
** Myofascia is a type of connective tissue which surrounds the muscles throughout the body.  Although the word fascia appears somewhat similar to the word facial, they are not related concepts.   Martha does not perform facials, but would be happy to refer you to several fantastic aesthicisans that do.



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