Howard County Holistic Center

Marty is thrilled to have found a professional home within The Howard County Holistic Center.  HCHC provides a variety of wellness related practices including massage, acupuncture, shiatsu, and more.

Finding us:   The Howard County Holistic Center is located near routes 108 and 29 in Columbia MD.  Our address is 9170 Old Annapolis Rd, Suite 202, Columbia MD  21045.

Important:  Due to a quirky post-office classification, our our physical address sometimes appears incorrectly on GPS services, including Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Mapquest.   For this reason, please note the following information if you’re using a GPS to find us:

1.  If your GPS takes map coordinates, this is the most reliable method.  Enter: @39.234576,-76.8292

2.  If your GPS doesn’t take coordinates, make sure you enter our address as “Old Annapolis Rd” and NOT “Route 108.”   (Yes, they should be the same thing, but trust me on this.)

3.  After you’ve entered the address, check our map’s final destination icon before proceeding.  Our physical building should appear off of Bendix Road, in the business building behind a Pizza Hutt.    If it appears directly on Route 108, you’re in the right neighborhood but you won’t be able to find us, so so please note the following directions:


From Route 29, go east on Route 108.  At the first traffic light, turn left onto Bendix Road.  Turn right into the Pizza Hut parking lot.  Continue past the Pizza Hut Restaurant to the Pizza Hut Office Building.  We are located on the upper level, next to Smile Savers Dental Office.

From I-95 or 295 (B/W Parkway), take the exit to Route 100-West.  At the traffic circle, take the third exit onto Route 104-W (aka Waterloo Road), then turn right onto Route 108 (aka Old Annapolis Rd.).   Continue about 1.6 miles, then turn right onto Bendix Rd.  turn right into the Pizza Hutt Parking lot.  Continue past the Pizza Hutt Restaurant to the Pizza Hutt Office Building.   The Howard County Holistic Center is located on the upper level in the rear, next to Smile Savers Dental Office.

To view Martha’s schedule in Columbia (and then optionally schedule an appointment), please click here.

If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 410-963-3025.


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